A relaxed vibe, old world charm, and modern amenities; this 19th century house is adaptable to a variety of events. The Open Floor Plan interior, the 10 foot deep, sweeping, wrap around Porch, and 7000 sq/ft grassy Back Lawn, offer multiple entertaining options. No matter what your event calls for, The Arlington keeps it carefree.


Weddings are about love and happiness. It’s a day when friends and family gather to witness the two of you setting out on a life journey together. The Arlington offers charm and simplicity. The Arlington reminds us that the passage of time can be a satisfying and enduring experience. The spacious, wrap around Porch with ample seating creates a welcoming presentation while accommodating indoor overflow in a friendly way.


Your golden day should be exciting, not stressful. Be in the moment with family style dining whether you choose a casual buffet or a sit down lunch or dinner. The Modern Kitchen is part of the Open Floor Plan in an understated, yet advantageous style. It complements the original, graceful lines of the Great Hall/Dining room and makes food and beverage service an uncomplicated effort. The Great Hall/Dining rooms are tastefully decorated with period furniture and lovely wood floors.

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The Arlington is a seamless setting of tradition and convenience. The Parlor opens off the Great Hall entrance way and is decorated in understated, casual period elegance. The furniture is comfortable, the windows are plentiful, and the ambiance is relaxed yet dignified. The Back Lawn offers versatile entertainment options and Onsite Parking in the Circular Driveway makes everything easy. There are four Guest Bedrooms available upstairs, all are tastefully and comfortably decorated in a minimalist style of the time.


Let your creativity take over these spaces. Gather your people here. Dance, sing, eat, drink – these are the moments that are important and will last forever. This Civil War era house is your home for the first day of your life together. Your time here at The Arlington is about the past, the present, and the future all in one beautiful, mellow place. Make it yours for a little while and carry it forward in your hearts.


The Arlington is ideal for a low key gathering of friends and family in a cozy 19th century setting. The gracious Parlor creates a relaxed atmosphere where you and your guests can be comfortable and enjoy each other’s company at this special time. Elegant yet genial, the Civil War era Great Hall and Dining Room are part of an Open Floor Plan with a Modern Kitchen at the back. This mellow and convenient combination for entertaining in a stylish manner, puts the focus on the hope and excitement of your future life – without the fuss of hosting at home or the sterility of a restaurant. A wall full of vinyl and turntables are available, or bring your own music, there is ample space for live music if you choose to hire musicians. The Back Lawn and wrap around Porch offer al fresco options and Free Parking is on site for your convenience.


This is the spot. Bars and clubs are filled with Outsiders unless you want to shell out for a premium lock out. Bars and clubs are going to cost you a bar minimum and staff wages. Keep the bottom line tight, the vibe loose, and launch at The Arlington instead. We all had that one friend with the Chill Mom, remember? Open house, the more the merrier, just try not to break anything, and keep it down to a dull roar. The Parlor is spacious enough for a full band set up with plenty of room for an audience, seated or standing. A massive LP collection lines one wall and makes the perfect backdrop for your showcase. The Open Floor Plan of Great Hall and Dining Room promotes even flow. Your guests  are free to circulate around the food and beverage set up, with open sight lines to the action. The acoustics are on point. You can open the windows and the enormous Porch becomes an extension tier for the fresh air crowd. The spacious Back Lawn can handle the overflow easily, and there is plenty of Free Parking on site.

In The Land of the Falling Waters (Palenville) we are at the epicenter of pristine natural landmarks and early American history. Events, Parties, and Memories await you.


Located at the base of the Kaaterkill Clove, The Arlington (1865) began as a boarding house. The current proprietors’ family purchased the house in 1970, and are only the third owners of the property. Rip Van Winkle, Last of the Mohicans, and Leatherstocking are set in the locality which was the backdrop of The 7 Years’ War. Nearby is the Otis Railroad Site which served The Mountain House at North-South Lake. Luminaries flocked to the location including Washington Irving, Oscar Wilde, and three US Presidents. Palenville is home to the first Art Colony in America, founded by Asher B. Durand. The Hudson River School art movement bloomed here.


The Arlington is offering several exciting new nights: Guest Chefs from NYC, Cooking Classes ages 5 and up, and Game Night! Gather up your people and come out to enjoy yourselves. Laid back fun with a DJ spinning vinyl, or live musicians depending on the night.


“What’s for dinner?” – Everyone, Everyday. Try something different tonight! Music, fresh ingredients, friendly chefs, and laughter are the palettes of possibilities.

The Chef’s Table at The Arlington offers a unique opportunity to have professional chefs cook for you, while you relax and observe. Access this unique local opportunity and reap the gastronomic satisfaction of their topnotch, delicious presentations.

Guest Chef Nights at The Arlington are invitation only events, limited to 20 people. The menu will change with each guest chef. There will be music in the Parlor to accompany the culinary experience. Come and enjoy savory dishes in a relaxed, homey environment. The chefs will be drawing upon local ingredients readily available in the area. Bon Appétit!


Variety is the spice of life – make it so and make it yourself – with a little help from a seasoned veteran. Reap the satisfaction of your delectable accomplishments, open to ages 5+.

The Arlington is pleased to announce the first Guest Chef in the Cooking Instruction series is Chef Marion, of Dolci Bella Fine Foods Inc. fame. Chef Marion is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education and has established herself in this area since 2010. As both a personal chef and caterer, this native New Yorker has extensive experience and is well known locally in the Hudson Valley for her successful catering company. Her focus is on healthy, clean food with a homestyle flavor. Guests may stay and eat in family style or pack it up and take it home.  

Chef Marion will be offering three types of cooking classes. Italian: She is a Bronx gal who was fortunate to grow up in the Arthur Avenue, Italian neighborhood and revels in authentic Italian food. Get your Mama Mia on! Asian: Sushi and Japanese Hibatchi – Satisfy those cravings, it’s easier than you think. Come on out and give it a try. Desserts: This is Chef Marion’s forte – one look at her website says it all – this is la dolce vita! Bellissima! Guests may stay and eat in, family style or pack it up and take it home.


The Arlington does not have televisions. The Arlington draws you back into another era, when leisure times required some thinking. Fire up the noggin and have fun being the sharpest tool in the shed. Take a break from the mind numbing media overload of the 21st century. Remember active brain? Switch yourself ON and engage in actual Real Time interfacing. Game Night at The Arlington offers backgammon, chess, and card games. Round up your friends and head over to the relaxed atmosphere of a mid 19th century Parlor. Imagine your Poker Night without the hassles of a home game set up and clean up. No kids, no interruptions, just you and your friends kicking back for a friendly game. Bonus: when the game is over, you don’t have to throw anyone out – just go home! It’s that easy. Fancy a game of chess? Channel your inner Fischer and match wits with a partner. Grand Master or Great Pretender? Settle the score once and for all – or every week if the mood strikes. Backgammon, a lucky game of skill, or a skilled game of luck? Hope for a Joker and go for the Gin! The Arlington Parlor is THE perfect setting for this classic thinking game. Weather permitting, the large, comfortable wrap around Porch is made for games that take a bit of time to unfold. Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em.


Eat, sleep, party, chill, play, learn, share your life, make memories with family and friends, meet some new folks, enjoy history, nature, dressed up or laid back – life is what you make it at The Arlington and it rolls easily whatever your choices may be. Join us and enjoy yourself.